Help!! can't access or import colour palettes

Help someone! Suddenly I can’t access any colours, the default ones aren’t showing and I can’t import.
When I click on the Palettes icon the options are greyed out.
I can’t think what I have done.
I have tried restarting the program and my mac but nothing.
I have just tried opening another project and that one is working fine, it only seems to be affecting one file.
How can I get them back? ???

Thats a wierd problem you’ve got there.

Have you tried selecting a drawing tool? like brush, pencil, oval, ect? sometimes selecting one bring up the palette, or try picking a color with the eye dropper.

If that doesnt work try going to the palettes directory that animate creates and see if their is anything inside. If not maybe copy and paste a pallette from one of the other projects. Then probably try to import it, might also be a good idea to restart animate.

I have had this problem and I dont know if this will work, but something to try. good luck!

Thanks Alex,

I have sorted it I think, as soon as I clicked and selected a layer everything seemed to work. I am new to the program and have noticed greyed out options before.

Although all this and the frequent crashes/freezes happened just prior to my blue tooth key board running low on batteries.
Coincidence perhaps?

Thank you again for reply.

When you first open up a project you always need to select a drawing cell before your palettes show up. This is normal. This should be unrelated to your keyboard running low on batteries.

You should not be getting frequent crashes. We should try to determine what the cause of the crashes is. What are your system specs? Graphics card? Do you notice that you keep performing the same operation when it crashes? Are you working with very large scenes? Are you running out of memory?

If you experience persistent crashing then it’s a good idea to email to diagnose what’s going on, if we can’t figure it out here.

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