help:brush makes undo automatically when i draw points

Hello, In story board pro, I am using a new 7th layer, then in the layer the only thing that I do is to draw points with brush: orange color, (like oranges in a tree)…when i am inserting like 50 points fastly , then some times a sound of activity is done by the hard disk and some of the points that I draw dissapear, like an undo function.I tried it with the mouse and with the wacom graphire ctr 430 and the same thing happens. I saved the faile and the same thing happens after saving the file.I am trying to insert 22 points and the same undo points are done when I stop inserting those points, no sound in the hard disk.I disabled the mouse and the same thing happens in the tablet only, I disabled the tablet and the same thing happens with the mouse.I close the file, emptied the trash and I opened the file and again and the same error happens.I am using a mac pro, quad processor, osx 10.4.1, 9 gb ram. (7gb available). 1.49Tb available in Hard disk.Any idea???thans a lotAlberto

the error continues, first I rebooted the computer and the error continues, then I changed the color that I was using and it allowed me to continue drawing and inserting.but now the error appears when I am drawing lines,any idea?

Have you tried to flatten the layers. It might be that the graphic card is having trouble processing all the lines of all the layers. Are you working with textured pen lines? Go in each layer separately, select the lines and flatten them. Of course you should do this if you are pretty sure that you don’t need to move lines individually in that layer because once they are flattened you can’t move line objects independently anymore.Have you tried hidden some layers and see if it helps?

thanks,I am using just a few textured pen lines,most of the lines are using normal pen.I am hiding some layers now, and flatten some layers where i can do it…graphic card… mhm I will stop the tv on the computer…