Help anyone

Okay so I trying to upload this 3 minute animation to youtube, but the problem is the audio clips at some moments in the video such as 0:56 1:29 2:00 and so on. I’ve been trying anything I could to fix this but I never can figure it out, if anyone can help me pleas that would be nice. this is the video

Can you describe the problem in words? You just say “…but the problem is the audio clips…” …at specified points. What exactly is the problem? I might guess but I hear more than one problem and one is consistent and not confined to the points you specified.

Okay the best way I can describe it, at random parts in the video a part of the audio is removed, so presume the program fills in this blank by cutting out the silence entirely, this make the amination go off sync with the audio for a second which is not that bad, but because this video is more focused on the music the audio error really doesn’t sit well. So I ask, is there a way to fix it, do I have to run through some program. The actually wav file on my computer has no problems with it, its just whenever I upload it to youtube.

I don’t have a solution and apparently people are able to upload to Youtube without this being a problem for them but this does appear to be a conflict with the compression algorithm used by Youtube. Good luck.

Do you know anybody that possible could have the answer for this problem?