Help: Animating a pencil line? - Beginner question

I am learning TB ANIMATE 2. Learning slowly how to use the drawing tools, to animate Stop-Motion, Motion keyframes.

And beside going through the tutorials, exploring by myself…

Is it possible to animate a curving pencil line like a snake? I can do it in Stop-Motion. But I cannot find a way to have it done by the computer in Motion Keyframes. The Transform tool does not seem to be the appropriate tool, unless I do not understand it.

Telling me how to do it could be too long,

Just tell me if it is possible?

If it is, I will try to find the answer. At this point, I have not been able find the answer with the help of the User Manuel or the tutorials of Toon Boom. But there are more than 800 pages!

You can either use morphing, or animate mask/cutter to slowly reveal it, or just draw it and erase a little frame.

Maybe try looking at morphing… You can move one shape to another. It’s chapter 7 in the user guide. I remember some sort of tutorial or demo of it with flags if you look around.

Thanks for the help.

Morphing gives nice curving lines. I will explore it more in depth as I get more familiar with the software.