Help! Animate2 Renders & Outputs Badly corrupted

Hi. Everything looks great in the SWF Preview. But when I go to Render&Play or Export Images, they get funky looking. I’m uploading one frame so you can see.

I created puppet pieces in Photoshop (on a mac), saved as RGB psd files (in folders), and animated in Toon Boom Animate 2. The piece is 3696 frames long (2.56 mins).

I thought it might be because these symbols have multiple layers (mouth, eyes… etc), but it is messing the hair up too, and that is a single layer.

Please help if you can. I tried exporting as Color and Color w/Transparencies, but to no avail. I also tried exporting in smaller bunches of frames… same problem. Any ideas?



It really depends on how the scene was composited. Remember that export to SWF does not support most special effects and you may have issues with complex effects using cutters. Especially if you are using bitmap source material there is no benefit to rendering to flash.

Additionally, you may wish to avoid using symbols as they are used more as a container for elements whose position relative to each other never changes. For everything else - symbols are actually complicating things because you would need to enter the symbol first to edit the elements contained within it.

I thought the SWF export was so you could just run a quick comp, to see how it all goes together. Anyway… I didn’t use any effects. I did all the cutting in Photoshop, then imported the seperate pieces and compiled the puppets in Animate 2. Created a puppet, then imported that puppet into the scene.

I used symbols because the eyes, mouth and hands have a bunch of elements in each of their symbols (mouth shapes, winking, blinking, angry… etc). The eyebrows are each just one element, but they get corrupted too, so, I didn’t think the multiple shapes within the symbol was a problem.

Thanks for your feed back though. Are you saying that everything should be hand-drawn? I thought this supported importing images.

No, that is not at all what I’m saying. Please re-read my last reply.

you can nest layers inside of other layers, or attach them to peg bars. For substituting one drawing for another in the same layer (for example, a closed eye for a blink animation), you first put it in a frame in the time line and afterwards you can go to the library view, go to the drawing substitution panel and click on any frame in that layer in the timeline; the drawing substitution panel will allow you to scroll through all the drawings that appear on that layer until you find the one you want and substitute it. So you place an eyeblink drawing on (say) frame ten, and if you then want to have the same drawing on frame twenty, you click on frame twenty in the eye layer, go to the drawing substitution panel in the library and scroll through all the available drawings until you find the eyeblink one (which of course is the same way you do it with symbols).

I’m also really curious as to why you chose to use Photoshop, since all your shapes are flat colors and could be made quite easily in Animate as vector shapes.