HELP! Animate Walk cycle PROBLEM!

I am having problems creating a cutout walk cycle in animate.

The issue is with the feet. The foot with the weight on it keeps wandering slightly. This is very frustrating. I have placed the “IK nails” on the feet at those positions, however, the problem is still there.

Can anyone HELP!


Setting IK-Nails only, isn’t enough…
One has to set the “IK-Constraints” as well…

If you still have access to the old Kick-Start-Videos…?
Check out No 9. Animating Your Puppet “Setting Constraints”

Otherwise, here is a short video-demonstration:
(no sound, it’s all fairly easy and straight-forward)



The Kick-Start videos are not longer available on Toon Boom’s web site, although a new video pack covering the cut-out animation and Inverse Kinematics will be issued around the end of January.

In the mean time, you can refer to the documentation to have a detailed step by step. Documentation can be found via the Help menu and the Welcome Screen (Animate 2)

User Guide: Chapter 15 Animating Your Puppets > Animating using Inverse Kinematics > IK Keyframes on page 675.