HELP! A scene wont open!

I am having a problem with a file a client sent me. The file has 3 versions,

  • 32.v1
  • 32.v2
  • 32.v3
I need to open v3 in order to work, but neither v3 nor v2 open, and I can only open v1. The other 2 freeze the software no matter how I try to open them (be that double clicking from the folder, which does nothing; or clicking "file>open" from another scene, which freezes the software; or opening it from the first dialogue box, which also freezes it). I am attaching an image of the folder. Any idea why this is not working? Maybe I am missing some files? The client says he can open the file no problem. Forgot to mention, the file was created in Harmony 12 and am using the same software. Cheers, José.


The only thing I can think that is happening is that the data in the folder would be for v1 so the next two iterations have nothing to read to open? I’ve never used multiple iterations of a scene saved in the same directory so I could be completely wrong.

Can you have the client send the files again except this time saved to their own separate folders so each has its own group of supporting files?

Thanks! I am not sure if this is exactly the problem cos the client says he can open it with no problem. If this were the case how can I fix the data so that it responds to the other versions?

Ok, I will ask him and let you know if that works. Thanks for the suggestion!