Hello , Please Help me

Hello people , I have a problem with Toon Boom Animate, when I try to draw using my tablet , I can’t draw properly because the screen (place) where I draw is getting black. Also lines , shapes , I mean everything looks too bad , especially colors and refresh rate looks like that can’t be refreshed properly.
I’m not sure but maybe that problem comes from my Video Adapter which is Sys Mirage 3. Please if you know some methods to fix that answer me here.
Thank you in Advance!

Are you in Render mode, the background should be grey in Camera mode unless you have changed it. Press the 2nd icon in under the camera window to the LHS. It looks like a greyed out cog. this should take you out of render mode.


When I start to draw something I can’t do anything , I don’t think so that is from camera mode or Render mode. As you can see this one is some problem probably with my video card… This shape on the picture had to be a rectangle but is looking very bad. Any ideas?

Yeah sorry it does look like a video prob, sorry I couldn’t help.


Yep , I know , probably the problem comes from my Video Card…So , I have to get new Lap.
IT’s pity , I like this software. But maybe for now I’ll try to improve my skills with Toon Boom Studio 4 :slight_smile:
Thanks for yer replay!

Did you check the system requirements? What Operating system are you on?

It is definitely your video card. This is in the system requirements page of Animate for Windows:

NVIDIA® Video card fully supporting OpenGL with 128 MB of RAM

It just runs crappily on any other video card. I tried. Hope that helps. See ya.