hello people :) i would like some advices pleaz

helloooooooooo people of toon boom.

i have severals questions to ask you, because of my lack in english and the huge pdf to read and in it find the right solution

i would like to make an anim brush as on tvpaint , mouving along a way but no anim brush in toon boom studio i come to you

for example making a walk cycling animation and then give it a line to follow ? i believes about making it under a peg and putting some keys with it but it didn"'t seemed to be the solution ?

and another question please: i would like for a contract to make parts of drawings as legs , part of arm, head and export it for flash of adobe . it is the fws export to flash to use or have i to make something else ?

thanx a lot for helping me

regards from france

stéphane / http://labonneanime.fr

Great to know you figured things out on your own. BTW, nice demo reel (on your website).

ok i did tryied the peg option and of course it works fine

did the upgrade option too ^^

then going to lipsinc and bones to complete the knowledge and yes after some practices put it in my work flow next to tvpaint

regards to all