..Hello, I need your help!!!...

…Hello, my name is Mijail and I write from Spain. My english is very bad, sorry… I write you because a want to learn to use the Toon Boom software. Like my english is awful I need a spanish Tutorial or a Forum in spanish… Can some body helpme??.. Thanks…

I dpn`t speak spanish. But here is a link to YouTubevideo

If you dont find someone to help you in spanish, please take contact and I will try to explain the basics in English++

…Thank you very much!!!.. Then, I will try to learn with youtube, but, can you help me??..If I have a doubt, and will be many doubts, can you help me??.. :slight_smile:

Just click my username ivaar and send me a message
and I will try to answer.

Estos son tutoriales de excelente calidad de JK-TGRS:
Lo Esencial - Parte 1: http://jab.weblogs.us/archives/824
Lo Esencial - Parte 2: http://jab.weblogs.us/archives/839
Animación por claves - Parte 1: http://jab.weblogs.us/archives/845
Animación por claves - Parte 2: http://jab.weblogs.us/archives/852
Animación por claves - Parte 3: http://jab.weblogs.us/archives/860
Seguro que resolverán muchas de tus dudas. Suerte. Yoryo.