Hello any one whanna mentor me???

Hello everyone im sorta new to animating, ive been practising for 2 months now but,
learning from someone first hand could really help so i got the question if someone would whanna help me out???

my skype for contact is: zelio10

my email is bradleystempher@gmail.com

hope to see you soon,

friendly greets Bradley.


im running a huion gt-190

its a screen monitor tablet.

it may be too much of a commitment for someone to tutor you,
go to youtube or use the tutorials on here, try AMB Animation Academy on youtube it’s free and the tutor is a professional, I recommend Timing for Animation book that you can buy on Amazon, or Richard Williams Survival Animation kit, I recommend watching every tutorial on this site for the Harmony or Animate software you are using and taking detailed notes of instructions on how to do exercises for Animation projects, you will have to learn on your own even if someone did teach and you will learn over time not overnight, hope it did not discourage you, but maybe someone will be up to it

you have a lot of tutorials online, you dont need a mentor, just hard work and dedication, then, when you have questions come back to the forums and traditional animation forums…