heavy storyboard files

hi everybody, I’m pretty worriend about toonboom storyboard file size, I’m working with ultra light images, about 2k each one, even this, ToonBoom files get about 37mg and more! , is it 'cos I’m using evaluation version? does anybody know if the complete version make the files lightest? . Please help me, thank you!



By very light images do you mean imported bitmaps? If that is the case regardless of the size what is the actual resolution of those files?

If you do not actually need to have full resolution file you might be able to save quite a lot of space. When bitmap images are imported inside of Storyboard they need to get uncompressed to fit native storyboard vector file.

Therefore depending on the content you need to import you may want to lower the resolution of it as much as you can. Else then that if you have the option you should go for a vector drawing done inside the software over an imported bitmap to lighten up the work.

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thanks to write Ugo, I understand your idea about re-draw over bitmaps (by the way, I’m using 320x240 low quality, save for web, 1-4k), but it means re-work all the frames of the episode, and we don’t have time to do that :frowning: , thank you anyway, I really apreciate your help :slight_smile: