head turnaround and lip synch

I’ve been thinking about this for some time. No idea why I haven’t asked yet.

I’m creating a set of elements under a peg that have various parts of a head turnaround. The nose, eyes, brows, and mouth (actually beard and mouth) are all on their own elements under the head peg. The rotation turned out to go pretty well, but now I’ll have to get the mouth working right.

Can lip synch mapping be applied to sections of a timeline at a time or should I actually make each angle of the mouth a separate element? I’m trying to think ahead to prepare for it now, and I’m sure someone else has been here before me.

I did this once before with different elements for the different angles of the mouth, then used color transform effect to hide the one not being used, but I kept thinking there was a smarter way.


I Rob,

You will need to use multiple element (use duplicates) because the drawing mapping is for an whole element. When changing your mapping for the rotation you will also change the mapping of the drawings that was previously working.

Can’t wait to see that !


Yes, me too !



I’m just planning ahead for something, but I’ll do a test soon to give it a shot.