Head turn test

After watching Lilly’s latest tip on rigging a head, I thought I’d give it a try with a character I am currently working on. It’s not a full head turn but just a side to side 3/4 view.


That was sweet! I am doing her tutorial now!

Thanks, James! Short and sweet! I should’ve put more into it but just wanted to spit this out quickly. When I have more time I will work on a full head turn.

i haven’t seen Lilly’s tutorial but that looks nice and smooth! :slight_smile:
i would add an arch to the turn, to make it look a little bit less robotic, but that’s just me, since nothing in animation moves in a straight line, or so was the rule?

Good point, Amin! Thanks!

Cool work man!

Here’s mah crits:

* Eyes/Nose/Hair feel great
* General motion is a little linear, need cleaner spacing when speeding up and slowing down. It’d be cool if you could pepper in some tweaks in timing to make it snappier, maybe overlap on the ears when it’s sped up? I understand this is just a test, but the snap will give it a lot more appeal
* Mouth feels floaty. The eyes and nose follow comfortably but the mouth needs to droop down during the middle or something to break it up a little bit - at the moment it doesn’t feel quite connected to the face.

Great stuff though! Keep going :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice, Cam! Yeah, it needs some work–ha! I was mainly trying to get the rigging right but I need to tweak it to improve the movement.

This is great! (and fun, too. Nice suggestions from people.)

Anyway, the tutorial’s (tutorialS) fantastic.

I’ve tried a combination of rigging and turning the head and deforming the body and it’s a … well, a little wobbly :slight_smile: but partly it’s because I designed the character for fbf. Next time, I’ll try a character that will really benefit from this technique. It’s sweet, isn’t it?

Looks awesome! A little ease in the head turn would just make it pop, but concept sold!