Having Troubles Drawing in Toom Boom (Ugee HK1560)

Evening all

I am currently experiencing problems with drawing specifically in Toom Boom Harmony, as well as tools/icons not being highlighted when selected using the pen most of the time (basically, I can’t seem to select some of the tools/icons using the pen, particularly anything on the toolbar, so I have to select it using the mouse instead). I am using a Ugee HK1560 display tablet (I am using two monitors. One ordinary computer monitor and the other being the Ugee display tablet). It works perfectly well with no problem in other softwares, such as Paint Tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop.

The problem I seem to be having is that when I have selected the brush tool and go to draw on the stage, I press down on the brush with the pen and try to draw. But it seems to create a straight line whenever I try to create a random shape, pressing down on the pen. However it also seems to paint whilst I have my pen just hovering above the screen and I cannot get it to stop until I click it off using the mouse.

Other problems I seem to be having is that half the time when I am trying to use the brush tool, the brush strokes appear in a grey colour and isn’t at all aligned with my pen. Then I click off it, the brush strokes are then gone. I seem to also be having a similar issue with the eraser, as it goes out of alignment with the pen when I try to use it.

I am also using Windows 10 just wanting to point out. I did also find it difficult to describe also, so I do apologies if my explanations aren’t exactly very clear.

P.S: The image in the file attachment shows a result from a random line drawing that I tried to create with the pen. I first pressed down on the pen to try and create a loop shape, only to end up with a straight line. Then the rest of the drawing was done when I had the pen hovering over the tablet, as well as certain points when I tried to click off the brush using the pen.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


Unfortunately there is no info available on which technology is
used for the pen. (or it may be really difficult to find)

In Harmony try disabling the “QT Wintab Tablet Support” feature
on the “Advanced” tab of the preferences. Then close and relaunch
the software to see if it makes any difference.

Hi Rkriz

Thank you for your response. I have followed your instructions and it has actually pretty much worked thankfully. However, another problem seems to have arise, being that whilst it works normally half the time, sometimes I go to draw and the brush goes all crazy and over the place (I’ll provide a screenshot below). This particularly seems to happen when I go to draw on the right of the stage, but it does seem to happen at random also sometimes. Would you know how to solve this problem also just wondering please? No worries if not though

Screenshot: http://sta.sh/0n5d13hdg77

Thank you so much once again


Some tablets have problems sensing strokes at the borders of the tablet.
Have you tried updating the tablet driver?

Do you hear any clicking sounds from the computer when this happens?

This sounds a lot like the problem I was having, so I’m just going to be blunt here and say uninstall the drivers. That worked for me. After that, toon boom drew infinitely better. It also seems to work just fine in other drawing apps like FireAlpaca and Paint Tool Sai. The only issue is that it gets just the slightest bit inaccurate near the edges like most all tablet moniters and so you can’t calibrate that without the drivers, but it’s so minor it honestly isn’t even an issue. Hope this helps!

I’d tried updating the driver by downloading the latest available driver it from the official Ugee site, but the driver doesn’t seem to want to install annoyingly. The only driver I have comes on a disc which came with the display tablet.

And by the sounds of it, I haven’t heard any clicking sounds either.

Might there be a possible setting to change the drawing display/monitor size/resolution out of curiosity?

Hi Drudeger

Thank you for your response. So I tried out what you suggested, removing the tablets drive, and it seems to have done the trick. However, another problem has arise now that it doesn’t seem to draw as well as in Paint Tool SAI for me strangely and also I can only draw it from my computer monitor, so I’m basically now treating my display tablet as if it’s a simple plug in one. Would you know if there’s anyway to fix this? Please don’t worry if not though.

Thank you


No problem. But I’m not quite sure what you mean that you can only draw “it” from your computer moniter. Could you please ellaborate (a screenshot would also be nice)? And yeah, I have noticed that uninstalling the drivers causes issues with pen pressure (though that might not be what you mean by it not drawing as well in Paint Tool Sai).