Having trouble with Tablet

I was going to post this in the Technical support section, but there isn’t really a problem with the program itself.

Well anyway I’m using Toon Boom animate. and the Graphics tablet I’m using is
Aiptek slim graphics tablet 600U Premium 2.

It works well in toon boom, but i have macrokey manager, which enables to program hotkeys on my tablet for use of programs eg: cut, copy, paste.

Well when I open up Macrokey manager and try to locate Toon Boom, it can’t be found, as macrokey manager doesn’t have a browse button, only open, so i can’t go digging into folders to find the EXE. it just gives me a list of programs ready to be hotlinked.

Now my question is, is there additional software/update for Toon Boom animate to enable to be hotlinked?

I’m not sure about the way that this exact tablet works. Usually with a Wacom tablet what you would do is you would be able to hotkey your keys to be a certain button - for example you could set shortcuts for 1 and 2 to get your zoom in, zoom out. The way that it works in this case, it doesn’t need to go inside the software, because you’re simply using your keyboard to define your shortcuts. I haven’t before heard of a hotkey editor that makes you actually go inside of the program to search for a command, so I’m afraid I can’t help you. This is something you might have to ask your Alptek tablet people for support on.

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