Having Trouble with Camera Ease Out

I’m having trouble easing in and out the animated camera. I have 2 keyframes set up for a pan. In the camera properties window, I enter the ease in number and that works. But when I enter the ease out number and play back, the ease out number I entered erases and resets to zero.

Has anyone encountered this problem? Is there something I’m missing?

With the dynamic camera tool selected, go to the “tool Properties” window.

You can set both eases per keyframe at the same time. when I set the eases
they both remained as-set. Remember that for the first keyframe only the
ease-out value is valid (because you are already there) and for the last keyframe
only the ease-in value is valid (because the move ends here and you will not
be easing-out). For any in-between keyframes, both ease values will be applied.