Having trouble registering my software


I just purchased an educational copy of Toon Boom Studio v2 for PC a few days ago from JourneyEd.com. I attempted to register the product according to the instructions on the card in the package. I.e., I went online to the License Key Generator and typed in my “product code.” Unfortunately, the “license key” that was generated is apparently invalid.

I emailed support about it several days ago and haven’t heard back, but I was wondering if anyone on these forums may have some experience with a similar problem and could help me. I’d really like to be able to remove the “TBS” imprints on all my cartoons, since I did buy the full software.

Thank you very much for any help you can offer.

Adam Jensen

I used the demo version of TBS 1x for Mac a long time ago, and my brother used the demo of 1x for PC that came on the Flash extras CD more recently, and neither added any imprints on exported clips.

Could this be a feature of the student version since you aren’t supposed to use it for commercial projects?

If it is I believe you can upgrade from the student version to the full retail version. For a price. Still, getting a price break while you learn the software is nice.


Thanks for your reply.

Hmm…I hope it’s not just a quirk of the academic version; it’s behaving just like a 15-day demo (i.e., the imprints aren’t the only problem), and I don’t want it to stop working in 15 days just because it’s a student version. I’ll be a student for at least two more years (give or take a change in major)! :slight_smile:

Anyway, hopefully that’s not the problem. Thanks anyway for the reply; I hope to get this resolved soon.

Hi Jazz,

I don’t see any trace of your email !!!

Can you send it back to :


I’m leaving the office for the day soon but I’ll get back to you tomorrow for sure. Please include your login, the product code that was on the registration card and the license that was generated for you.


Problem solved. I sent an email to the academic@toonboom address last night and got a response today.

Thanks for getting back to me; I wonder why my original email didn’t get through. I probably accidentally sent it to a no-reply address of some sort (I think I may have responded to the license key generator’s email, so that’s probably why there’s no trace of my original email). Sorry about that; I’ll send it to the right place next time I have a question :slight_smile:

At any rate, the problem is solved and the program is fully functional…no imprints and no 15-day limit. Sounds good to me. Thanks to everyone for their help.


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