having problems with all toon boom crashes.

I searched and looked and did not see this post yet. I installed cs5 ( I know this is not your product) and after the install my animate, animate pro, storyboard pro all crash before even starting.

I unistalled cs5 design premium and the toon boom programs listed and re-installed toonboom products (not cs5) but can not get it up and running any more. Does anyone else have this problem?
I also just upgraded my OS so it could even by this
I’m on a mac running 10.6.3
any tips on getting the toon boom software up and running again?

-sorry I forgot to mention that TBS 5.0 and storyboard all run fine. so its just my higher end software (my dongle for storyboard pro seems to be fine as well)

Im answering my own question incase anyone else has a hard time with this as well.
it was not cs5 but mac osx-oddly enough the printer. check out these helpful instructions.

Thanks for posting the solution to your problem in case it is useful for others!

Toon Boom Support