Having issues using TBH on the Surface Pro 4 (Please Help?)

So I am having issues.

The Surface Pro 4 has a very high resolution - because of this when running programs like Toon Boom and other artistic software it displays everything incredibly tiny, to the point that it is impossible to click the correct tools and change settings without being incredibly careful and even then its a challenge.

I have tried changing the display res but it doesn’t change how the program (Toon Boom) is displayed.

I did find a way around this though by tinkering with the registry and manifest file for Toon Boom.

This works perfectly to make the program tools more visible like they would be displayed on a normal desktop computer. However it really screws with the artistic side of things everything drawn is highly pixelated.

So I have been searching the interwebs for other solutions and somebody mentioned something called custom UI art docks? I have never heard of this before and was hoping somebody here could help me.

The idea is apparently that I revert Toon Booms manifest file back to default and use custom UI buttons at the correct size in place of Toon Booms own UI - does this sound like it could work to anyone?

Or has anyone got any other ideas for a resolution?

I would be interested to know if there are any other TBH users here who are also using a Surface Pro 4 and what their experience with it is.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile: