having back my toonboom 7.1 license

hi all

i made the choice to go to linux and i think i made right ^^ but as spoke in various emails, i have the count of installations and canno’t install more my toonboom version; the installer tells me to contact tooboom but the probleme stills be: you stills keep the others installations on windows. would it be possible to erase the previous installations ? after all i bought it and would have the right to animate under my 7.1 version. when you look at tvpaint animation versions, they have a sentinel key which assures you of the correct installation but wait it isn’t the problem :frowning: so then please erase my previoused installations under windows and it would be cool ! not any problem to make it works under linux which roks !

thanx a lot


Contact support. They will have to help you with this.

hello i did already but they don’t want to investigage more. i go remail them this week. thanx a lot