Having a hard time trying to animate liquid.

Are there any tutorials on this, I’m trying to animate a goo substance, but it is becoming very difficult to do. I thought it would be fairly simple, but it isn’t. Trying to get it to react wit objects in my scene is the most annoyance, and how it would move aswell.

Does anyone know any good starting points or tutorials?

Thank’s in advance.

Have a look at Mickey Mouse “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”…
Liquid Animation in perfection…

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I was actually trying to do both :confused: I have abit of a problem with timing when doing frame by frame. So when I drew my goo frame by frame it wasn’t long enough for me, so I had to morph the in-betweens. But it didn’t look natural at all.

Thank you for the link, that will come in handy =D

Thank you both for replying.

I also urge you to check out the book Elemental Magic: The Art of Special Effects Animation Vol.I by Joesph Gilland. Great book on hand animating various natural subjects like water, fire, etc.

Here is a URL for it on Amazon:


I second Elemental Magic, its an amazing book, its not just a tutorial but really breaks down how water, fire, smoke and all sorts of goodies work.

Also these are great reference as well.




Thank you for the tip!

Hmm I don’t have any specific tutorials on how to do liquid. Are you animating the liquid frame-by-frame? Or are you trying to use morphing? Sometimes the best approach is just to do something the good old-school frame-by-frame way.

You can also work from reference. Find video files or still images that illustrate what you’re trying to accomplish, and you can import them in as reference.