Having a bit of trouble comprehending what I've done.

Right, so I have 72 drawings in one layer, a full 360 degree body turn.

I decided to not do, Front, 3Quarter and Side, as every time I try to morph the front with the Quarter, it always messes up on me, no matter what I’m doing.
So instead, I’ve literally drawn frame by frame of the turn, so that way, I have every possible angle to use for my project.

Now its obvious I need to split the body for pegging, so lets say I’ve done that.
I’ll use the arm as an example. So the arm has 72 frames, Front, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, 3Quater and so on.
Would it be ideal to keep all 72 frames in one layer, are split them up in sequences, like have 10 frames for each layer?

Right, so I’ve just figured the morphing out. Your drawing/s need to be a consecutive drawing, meaning do not stop, pause and carry on.
So I just flattened all my lines so it is all one. the head morphs perfect to a 3Quarter now, but the eyes do not morph so great.

Just reading that confuses me!

I don’t if you have the standard or pro version. But if you have the pro version it has extra morphing tools to handle vanishing lines which would be important for what you are trying to do.

However with what you are desribing it makes me wonder if you are better off just doing frame by frame. You puppet sounds like it would be really hard to work with if it has 72 views and you have to match everything up all the time.

I’ve simplified it now, with 5 drawings for a 180 degree spin.

My problem is detail now, like the eyes completely mess up when I morph them.

I’m using just the standard Animate.

Are your eyes on the same layer as the head or not? When I morph a head I prefer my elements on seperate layers. Makes them much easier to tweak and work with.

Are you using hints to make sure they go the way you want?

Yeah, there on complete different layers, and I have used the hints aswell.

The thing with my eyes on my character is, there quite big eyes, so when he turns 3Quarter to the right, half of his right eye goes behind his head (if you think if it like that) but in the drawing, I just never drew the other half, as you wouldn’t be able to see it in that perspective anyway.

By the looks of it, I’m gonna have to just morph the head, and hand draw the eyes every frame, aren’t I?

That shouldn’t be the case with the eyes.

I have morphed them and had no issues before. You may have to draw a couple of frames by hand at the vanishing points as that is where you are likly to have problems.

While both eyes are visble it should be easy to morph because they both have the same structure which gives good places for hints.

I would need to see the eyes you are describing to give advice I am trying to imagine what your doing but can’t.

Yeah its at the vanishing point, both eyes are not visible at my characters 3Quarter view.
I figured as much, just draw a couple of frames seems to work all right.

As for the eyes, think of Ultimate Spider-Man eyes.

you can also convert your morphs to drawings and then just edit the problem frames.