Have Templates Update to all scenes they are used in?

Hello! Harmony 10 user here, looking for some sort of functionality to have a TPL update across all scenes in which is has been used. For and example lets take my HANDS template for my character.

In this template I would like to be able to constantly add new drawings to increase the number of hand position options available to any scene that uses the TPL. However I find that since a TPL is instanced to the scene it does not auto update when I add a new hand to the TPL. This is great in most cases, but having the ability to constantly add to a specific TPL that will auto update across all instances of it throughout the projects would be fantastic.

Let me know if there is a work around or functionality i just don’t know about.

Cheers Guys and Gals!

What you can do is make a template of the new hands, then you can add them to your characters template in ‘edit template’ mode.