Have a problem to Import AI,Pdf,swf

I 'm using TBA (not upgrade to v2)
When i import swf,AI,pdf to template
it show that it’s loading file but nothing come in
to my template libary. I try to import a lot of
different files of swf,pdf,AI but the files don’t come
in template. But it’s work fine for TBA PLE v.2
What i’m doing wrong?

(i already unlock folder for right to modify)

just to clarify: if you are using the v1 PLE of animate I think I remember a problem importing .ai files. So I am assuming maybe you are using the learning edition?

if you are using the real version. try doing some simple tests with adobe illustrator. draw something simple on 1 layer in illustrator and then try and import that into animate and let us know what your results are.

I’m using the real one
and it’s work now