Has anyone ever tried anime style of drawin on ToonBoom

Ofcourse its possible to meet Japanese anime standards with toonboom right

technically, you can do anything if you’re talented, creative and patient enough. what is it exactly you mean by Anime style though? is it the facial features? effects?

Well yeah facial features … and effects … I need to convince someone it can do it because they think the program is childish and sucks … so I always thought that if you had the talent you can make it look like that but because of what is being shown on the site… he sees it as childish but cant even it so…


in that thread lilly quickly does something like that.

also a user recently posted this


i had a go at it in one of my own shorts here:


as i said, everything is possible…i am not sure what software Japanese Studio use, but they all follow the same animation principles.

Also check out the Toon Boom summer newsletter:

They talk about a new anime series called Carpe Diem being done using Toon Boom tech.

I’m currently doing my first anime project on Animate Pro and Animate makes it very easy for you to do it quickly.I’m doing mostly hand drawn animation with some cut out work too.You have to have patience and alot of time though, like for a 1 minute fight scene be prepared to spend a week on it, depending on how detailed you want to get with it.

I truely believe you can have anime-brush quality using Toon Boom.

I tried a lot of software combination:
1.) inking on paper> scan> vectorisation in TB Animate Pro + after effects
2.) wacom intuos + Retas (japanese animation software number one)+ after effects
3.) wacom intuos + Tvpaint (pixel ruff sketching)> Manga Studio (illustration software)> TvPiant + after effects

And finally:
4.) wacom intuos + Tvpaint (pixel ruff sketching)> Toon Boom Animate (Pro) + after effects
This last combination gives me full satisfaction.

But i’ll have to admit: it took me a lot of time to find the “right tricks” with the Brush tool and the use of a penn tablet is really needed.

Remark: the upcoming Harmony Standalone is following what i read and saw even more fantastic (simplified brush use, particle system, 3d importation) but also completely out of budget for normal single users…

I hope it may help you.

I uploaded some scenes i made using the workflow described above.
Because in animation, drawings better speak than words :)))


***Here you may see the basic process of an unfinished scene:
grey frames made in tvpaint/ black frames: cleaned up in Animate Pro

Looks awesome!

Thx Kallis. ^^

http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/297350_10150306907827523_600837522_8015636_2016180322_n.jpgAlso added in the ‘share your work’ section: another drawing i made in Toon Boom Animate Pro.

Same technique as the Grendizer fanart posted earlier in this topic: intuos 4/ sketch in TV Paint/ Inking + coloring in Toon Boom Animate Pro/ some effects in photoshop
Background is not mine