Has Animate 2 ever been updated ?

I had Animate 2 on pc when I first purchased and having moved to mac wondered if Animate 2 ever got an update ?

The version I have now after installing to the mac is
Build 7.9.0 (6015) (2010-09-15).

Yes, but you are already using the Service Pack 1 version of Animate 2 since the original installer has been replaced with the one for this version.

Same version number as before when I first purchased in 2011, so I guess no more updates even though its June 2013 ?

But thanks …

Guess Animate 2 must be pretty perfect if it has not had an update since 2011, hm … most software has some updates, good programers ain`t they …

I know several people who would Crossgrade from Studio, but they don’t want to go from a new program with regular updates to one several years old.

Will Animate Pro 3 come out before Studio 7.5, 8 or 9?

not everything is perfect. there must be some flaws. something they can improve to make it better. they’re probably just too lazy. -soul “eater” evans