Harmony21 Essentials Trial

So I have tried to open it and it takes a while to load then when I do the continu trial is does not open and it crashes, I have checked the minimun requiements and I am have at least 16g ram even though the recommened is 32g ram. Is this the reason it is not working or is this a bug with the software. Can you please sort this out as I still have at least 16 days left of this to use. And is anyone else having this problem, cuase this appears to be happening today.

Ok after resetting my desktop it now run and opens but the problem still persists with the open file location in the welcome to toon boom harmony page and in the save file where when i click on them to try and save or open a file the program just closes after a second and it does not so any error, I believe this is a glitch or a bug. I hope you can fix this soon as I would like to use this program soon.

I have now been told on discord that windows 11 might be the problem that caused it, any idea on when this will be resolved in the future?

Well, after rolling back to windows 10, it now has stopped crashing, so the solution has been solved. I hope you alert every other user using the software the the windows 11 is causing problems with it