Hello All,

I have Harmony 10.0…Has anyone heard of a upgrade from 10.0 to 10.1?

Is so where can I download the upgrade? And what are the improvements?



Harmony 10.1 has not been officially released yet as far as I’m aware.

The official build right now is still 10.0.1

There are some studios that are in beta for the 10.1 version. If you are working with a studio and need to have a compatible version, then you can email support@toonboom.com, tell us the studio and the version that they are using, and we’ll send you the information you need.


What is the actual latest official build? 10.0.1 Build ???



As far as I know it is 10.0.1 (8485)

Thanks for the info…
What was the build prior to the latest one 8485 and what has been updated or fixed? I can’t find any build log in the documentation.

Anyone know what is in the 10.1 beta?



It would be helpful if next to our downloads you stated that version number and the latest official released version number, because I never do know if I have the most up to date released version. Eventually I have to pester support and ask if there is a later version.

Also, I have to start the download to see what file number comes down to discover whether I already have it, or not.

It could save your colleagues some time save your bandwidth and let me know if I need to do anything.

That’s a great idea, John.