Harmony working color space?

Hi, I am in the process of tightening up a workflow where Harmony drawings and animation will be composited along with motion graphics and video in something like After Effects or Premier. Is there any information about Harmony’s color management available? I can’t seem to find information about color profiles or working space within Harmony, or best practices for monitor calibration or matching external source material, that sort of thing. Is there an ideal display profile to match for ensuring best possible color accuracy?

Exported images as PNG seem to result in sRGB color space. Maybe Harmony doesn’t do any color management and just attempts to use the current monitor profile?

found this thread:


where lilly v. states:

so it looks like the answer is no color management. have to try and do matchup/value scaling in post.

Colors are best balanced in post because special effects will throw your colours out of balance anyway so it’s easiest to do it at the last stage.

i guess i am just a little disappointed because Harmony is such a high-end software solution, i am a little surprised that it doesn’t have methods of color management built in.

i have had some real headaches trying to integrate artwork from Flash into motion graphics projects and having severely shifting skin tone values and other problems upon export. been trying to nip that problem up front as i begin some new projects, and as i am learning more about the end-to-end process of keeping colors accurate and managed from source to composite to output, i was just hoping Harmony had a method of deliberately attaching that data to the files to fit the intended destination.

i’d imagine this is a problem for output to game engine workflow too, as something like unity can be used on so many devices it would be nice to target those output formats’ color spaces right within Harmony.

well, the output stills seems to be sRGB so at least i can plan from that point forward. there are tons of ways to correct problem colors in post so i’ll get by :slight_smile: