Harmony won't start up

I have been unable to open Harmony recently for unknown reasons. I have already contacted support but their methods of remote desktop are too invasive for me, plus their hours are only when I am at work so I wouldn’t even be able to do it. It is a weekend and I needed the help now.

When running the executable the splash screen stays perpetually on the screen. I have already activated my license through the separate LicenseWizard.exe . The cpu gets hot and nothing ever happens. I have uninstalled, restarted the pc, and installed many times now, and the issue persists.

No antivirus installed (ever), Windows defender and Firewall off. Windows 10 operating system. Why is the Harmony executable not doing anything?

If you are measuring your CPU and observing that the temperature is rising after you attempt to open the software it appears to be working at it. Your description sounds like the software had worked for a while and that this is a recent issue. Correct? After you reinstalled it did the activation process get to a completed and successful state? Did you receive a message indicating the activation was successful and finished then at that stage you were unable to open the software?

I have had TB support do the dial in thing. The opportunity to use this approach is so random the idea of using it as a tactic to spy or steal private information is absurd. There is nothing to fear. They are focused on the task at hand. You can see their control of the mouse cursor and exactly what they are doing. They describe what they are doing or at least ask for info as they check for possible sources in various sections of the system and you can follow along. I understood what they were doing the whole time. It is very efficient. It would take 10 times longer asking questions and having you try various things. I highly recommend it.

I would even trust them to leave my system online and open for Support to dial in on their own if I could not be there…I don’t know if this is even possible to do. But I am on a Mac so I do not worry about a lot of things Windows user have to deal with.

They are on the east coast of Canada. Depending on your location the time difference might work out. Early morning or after work for you? Otherwise your chances of receiving the key to your problem in this user forum is very slim. This is a weekend. This is not a very active forum anyway. Your problem is not a general question about using the software.

Someone might come by with the right information. Good luck.

It is not spying or stealing information that I am concerned about. It is other things. In any case, I am able to use my computer on weekends only or late after support isn’t there. My weekdays are packed with daily activities, not just work. I understand having them control remotely while I’m there, but while I am not… that’s another thing completely.

Yes, the license activation had a success message when I activated it. The program just won’t start. And yes, this is a recent issue.