Harmony won't render video out at chosen size

I have a clip that I am trying to export at 1920x1080 and while the settings state that it IS rendering at 1920x1080, it’s actually not and when i bring it into Premiere, it’s brought in at 960x540. None of my other animated clips do this. Any idea why?

Thanks for responding! It’s actually set to Same as Scene resolution.

check “size” under your quicktime export settings, too.

Thanks man! Will do!

What is the actual ‘Scene setting’ original size of your clip? When you export as movie there is usually a dropdown menu where you can choose ‘Same as scene resolution’ or specify another size for output. You need to change the setting here, not on the second window where you have ‘movie options’ and then size, for some reason that option is usually ignored by TB.


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