Harmony with GTX1070

Hi, has anyone used Harmony on a laptop running a nvidia1070 card? does it work?

Contact Toon Boom support directly and ask them about it.

They were very helpful when I was planning to build a system for Harmony.

At the time 12 was coming they recommended the GTX970 or 980 and said the Titan cards would be overkill and not fully utilized to justify the expense.

Just speculating, the 1070 should be compatible with 14.

thx I’m speaking with them already, as far as I understand the results of their testing will come soon, I was wondering if anyone had already tried the card since many new fast laptops are using it, i need it to work with a cintiq and occasionally another monitor. i could stick to the 980m but it seems stupid when for the same price one can get somrhing a lot faster.

I use a gigabyte gtx 1070 without any issues.