Harmony-- Weird delay/lag using any tools in the drawing area

Every time i draw, select or do something on the drawing area, it takes like 5 seconds to appear.

Here is a video for visual reference https://twitter.com/Felipe_AVR/status/893227331363287040

I used to work on animate pro 2 and story board without any problem.

My laptop specs are fine. 8 gb of ram, i7 processor and Envidia graphic card.

All the drivers are fine, Harmony its the only program giving me this problem. Even with a normal usb mouse do this.

Contact support to have a look at your system and graphics.
What tablet/pen are you using?

Its a Wacom cintiq 13.

I thought this was support, where can i go to ask for support?

or email support@toonboom.com

There are limits to what can be done through the forum.

Had similar problem in the past with Cintiq. I did a full Wacom driver uninstall, downloaded the drivers for my Cintiq and then reinstalled them.

Let us know how you figure this out. Pen drivers are a super-common problem with Toon Boom.