Harmony vs. AnimatePRO: compare sheet?

I have been offered to cross-grade to Harmony.
I’ve been looking for a detailed compare list of features between Harmony and AnimatePRO, but I haven’t found it on TB’s site.

Does Harmony have all of AnimatePRO’s feature plus more or does Animate have some Harmony doesn’t? Have some of the ugly User Interface complications been improved? Is it a good choice for the single user? I’d like to see what is being offered.

Does such a comparison sheet exist?

I am weary about upgrading because I’ve been left stuck with a big problem with AnimatePRO (something Support acknowledged and then didn’t do anything about) and I’d like to see that what I just bought last year is being bettered before I’m prompted to spend more money on the next product in line.


I would also like to know about that!

What’s the upgrade price from pro? Also will there be more videos coming soon for the 4 main extra features?

What about render and export. Will Harmony export vector animations to SWF with effects like AnimatePro?

The option is still there. I assume it has the same limitations in which effects can be exported.

In Anime studio any deforms are exported as vectors, SWF’s with individual frames. Is there any way of doing something like that?

We are planning on making a comparison chart but there isn’t one at the moment. Harmony is Animate Pro plus 4 main extra features:

- Particles
- 2D/3D Integration
- Deform
- True Pencil

We have also made many small improvements. I’m not sure what exactly you’d like to change about the user interface.


I’m not a sales person so I can’t talk about pricing, but I do believe they have a special going to upgrade to Harmony Standalone until Sept 30th. Email sales@toonboom.com for more information.

We have a more detailed demo video that can be sent to you by a sales person. We are looking into the best way of integrating that video on the website.


It does indeed. I also just had the question from someone about whether Deform can be exported to SWF, and I thought I’d post the answer here for the benefit of all of you.

Deforming a vector layer is not a capability that Flash has, and since the SWF format is controlled by Flash, there’s no way to export that data to Flash. There’s a workaround in that you could “bake out” the deform in effect by exporting an image sequence, then re-importing it and exporting this to Flash, however of course they are no longer vector files.

Naturally you can export to all Bitmap formats like Quicktime, Flash Video, and Image Sequence.


Well you could bake the deformation out to a bitmap sequence and this could be exported to swf, but then you would not have such a low file size anymore, which is usually the reason swf is used in the first place.