Harmony vs Animate

Hello back to everyone!


I suppose this is what we already have in Animate Pro

Will this also be integrated in the next Animate (Pro) release? I’m especially drooling over the 3d part…

Don B

hope that if, as would be the cost of upgrading to animate pro 2 to harmony 9?

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Ok, i got the point now about those new pencil functionalities. Wonderful! The easy bending + pen-pressure with best of both world from pencil and brush, and all that 3d… Most of my future requests will come true! You guys have to put some videos on the internet! Arrrrrrh! :smiley:

Concerning Harmony 9 Standalone… Hummm… To me, it sounds like a big extremely cool update of Animate Pro 2.
I hope that a crossgrade from Animate Pro2 to Harm. 9 Standalone will not be much different in price than a future upgrade from Animate Pro 2 to 3. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it would be nice to add a Harmony section to this site (with clear compareasons to Animate/Pro). That software seems so mysterious. It’s like the magic ‘hidden item’ of a videogame. ;D

I’m rrrreally looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

I’m currently working in Harmony at work and am also looking forward to the upgrades in the new version. The line stuff you guys discussed above sounds fantastic and the deform options are pretty intriguing. Thatt sounds similar, to me, to the puppet pin tool in After Effects which would be amazing to have in Harmony. Now if the cost of Harmony standalone could come down it would be perfect - I’d love to have a copy at home as well but it’s just out of range for the typical home user, even for someone who makes money off it. Can’t wait for the veil of mystery to come down and see the new Harmony site!

Yeah, I’ve had a few jobs lately where I used AFX’s puppet tool and it’s not so much that the tool itself is slow it’s just that the rest of AFX isn’t so much built for animation. I just kept saying that every step of the process after the puppet pins took at least 1/3 longer than it would have in Harmony or Animate. That said, it’s amazing what you can do with it - can’t wait to use that process in an actual animation program!

waiting to start my next project with this version of Harmony ;D

It’s actually not at all like what’s in Animate Pro - that functionality was already in Harmony. What’s currently in Animate Pro is a texutred brush, and what we’re bringing to Harmony is a textured pencil.

What this will allow you to do, is to modify the position of the line with the contour editor like you can with the pencil (much easier than using the contour editor on the brush) BUT you can now have pressure sensitivity as well. You can modify the thickness of the lines using a new Pencil Editor tool when you need to adjust the outside of the lines.

You can also now have texture on a pencil line. So when you fill in a textured line, instead of filling in just to the outside of the line like it does in Animate Pro, it’s going to fill in to the centreline instead. This is much better for working with textured lines.

No firm decisions have been made yet on whether any of these changes will be ported into the Animate line. Just as a side note, however, you can always get Harmony Standalone if you’re working on one workstation.

I’m not sure what the upgrade price is but if you want more info feel free to email sales@toonboom.com.


We are working on improving the Harmony website, so we will be able to go live soon with some more information on there.


Awesome - thanks for the feedback!

It would be similar to the puppet tool, but more robust, and much more efficient. We don’t want working with our tool to be very slow, as I’ve heard it tends to be with the puppet tool. :slight_smile: