Harmony vs Animate Pro

What are the differences (except for team collaboration) between Harmony and Animate Pro.

The Control center module for various administrative functions.
License server to manage in-house artist using Harmony network clients as well as allowing freelance artists to checkout a license to work using Harmony standalone client remotely. Plug-ins to import 3D Maya assets (full 3D geometry), rendering of 3D lighting (on 3D and 2D assets) to create seamless hilites, tones, and drop shadows FXs. Send multiple scenes and elements to batch render and vectorize over a rendering farm. Database and directory/files managed and stored in a central location and file server.

And a few other minor features but basically mostly the added administrative and management tools to streamline production work flow.

I want this in the next edition of TBA:-)

Is it possible to open TB harmony files in Animate?
If a studio uses TB harmony, do the freelancers working from home have to use Harmony as well, or is it possible to work on TB animate?


It is possible to open Harmony files in Animate/Animate Pro for freelancers. The database files would have to be exported with the “Export to Offline” option checked. However, if the harmony file contains effects and attributes that were available in Harmony but not Animate, you won’t be able to see or modify these effects when you bring the file into Animate.


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