Harmony v10 vs Harmony v11

Hi All,

I drawn in harmony v11 and i opened it in harmony v10 and there is an error and it says my drawing is unable to open . I dont understand , because the extension file between v10 and v11 are the same which is .tvg. Please help me guys.



i can open flash cc to cs6, photoshop cc to cs6 and maya 2015 to 2014… only toonboom harmony v11 to v10 cant… dunno if that’s normal…:frowning:

This will depend on the code of individual software.

A simple/general explanation (please forgive the use of technical terms. This is not meant to be perfectly accurate):

Sometimes an upgrade just adds features that are, in a sense, additional processes performed separately by existing core technology. In such a case older software would merely ignore what it could not utilize. Sometimes the code has been changed so much that older software is unable to process any of it.

Something like Photoshop, wherein Adobe relies on a pattern of releasing upgrades frequently might benefit from using a structure that is more like adding plug-ins than significantly altering code. In fact, many PS upgrades have consisted of making plug-ins previously acquired separately part of the base program and some feature enhancements.

Sometimes a software manufacturer makes significant changes to the base program every time they build an upgrade. There are a lot of users who do not routinely upgrade PS. It behooves Adobe to retain backwards compatibility.

Although it would benefit every manufacturer to retain backwards compatibility it is not always possible to do so and make the desired changes in the software. Adobe is a company with relatively large financial resources. Smaller companies make more compromises in order to focus on providing enhancements without the limitation backwards compatibility imposes.

Unless there is a specific option for saving to insure backwards compatibility you cannot open files in older software that is created in software that did not exist when the older software was current.

The extension does not necessarily change when there is a software version upgrade. Photoshop has used the psd extension for some 20+/- versions. PS actually has a format option for backwards compatibility but it only goes back a relatively short distance. However saved for current and save for past compatibility use psd as the extension.

The topic has come up here but I have not seen evidence that Toon Boom offers the option for saving files with backwards compatibility.


Maybe thats the reason why it cannot open the drawing made in v11 to v10, the backward compatibility. oh thank you very much for answer my question


You can’t open projects in an older version that were created using a newer version. Software moves forward and new features are added that the older versions of the software cannot understand or process. This is entirely normal.