Harmony used with a Bosto Kingtee?

I’ve been wanting to get the 22HD Bosto Kingtee drawing tablet but don’t have the assurance Harmony will work well with it. Has anyone used the Bosto Kingtee with Harmony?

Hi, Joel,
Toon Boom software officially support wacom technologies.
We never test this type of tablet.

Thanks Whuang, that is disappointing. I realize wacom requires certain drivers but I didn’t know Toon Boom was officially connected to the exclusion of other products. This seems pretty limiting and may prevent people like myself from less expensive alternatives. I’m very disappointed.

Fortunately Kingtee has reported the 22HD has been updated with new drivers and a chip-set that will handle Harmony.

We are working on having relationships with other vendors. It’s simply a matter of us having a relationship where they can send us some models for testing, and we can have a back and forth communication about driver support.

Since we’ve had such a long history working with Wacom, their devices are all Toon Boom-friendly. We are instigating new relationships with new vendors, particularly Yiynova, as this is gaining popularity. This is the first time I’ve heard of Kingstee, but I can look into this.

We can only officially support units that we have tested and certified ourselves. Thanks for your understanding!


i was concern to get one of new 22HD Bosto
But i really didnot find a clear confirmation that it works with toon boom harmony did you test it ?!
hope it get to work there is no such a review on this tablet with toon boom softwares !!! :frowning:

hey, I quickly dashed to get the Kingtee 22HD as soon as it was out but was disappointed when I couldn’t draw with my strokes coming from the center of the crosshair. Trust me that is a real pain,you dont realise it coz all’s well but when it happens you loose interest in drawing. its that depressing!!!lol its unfair coz I have no problems with other drawing software.so I thought its a drivers issue but even after geting the latest drivers from bosto site, the problem persist but hey THAT IS THE ONLY PROBLEM, everything else works fine, pressure, pen tilt,etc heck even the eraser on the tablet’s pen works right out of the box
I have harmony 64bit on windows 7
I wonder when we can have support for this tablet coz wacom cintic is too demn expensive for me!! Toonboom pleeeeeeaaaasssse save us!!

i’ve never heard of bosto kingtee either, but i have now. the wacom tax is just silly. i personally feel that wacom’s product has stagnated over the years while at the same time demanding the same price point. the more options and choices for us, the better.