Harmony Updates planned?

Hi there,

I’ve been using Harmony on a daily basis for more than half a year now and I’m still loving it. Best decision ever.

And yet it feels a bit buggy sometimes. I’m on the latest 12.2.1.
In some cases when I randomly click somewhere, the app suddenly freezes and I get to see the beach ball (OS X).
I can’t reproduce it, it’s just now and then.
Sometimes it recovers after 10 or 20 seconds, sometimes I need to force quit in hope that I didn’t forget to quick save.

Then, for any reason, copy and paste doesn’t work sometimes.
When I right click a drawing and select “copy”, I can always paste it somewhere. No issues on that.
But when I select a drawing and hit cmd+C, it won’t do anything when I try to paste via cmd+V.
I’ve activated the Adobe Flash shortcuts since I’m more familiar with that (especially for zooming in and out), I don’t know if that’s related, but going back to the Harmony shortcuts is not an option.

Not complaining, just wondering if there’s gonna be an update in the near future?
Since there’s no updater in Harmony, how/where do I get notified when there’s an update?


Maybe I’m the only one around here but I’m still annoyed by the fact that version 14 is still not getting any updates even though it’s been around 9 months or so.
Such a period is totally unacceptable for a high priced professional product like this. If I wouldn’t know any better I’d really assume that Harmony has been abandoned. I know that this isn’t the case but still… it feels like working with a completely outdated, buggy piece of software and I’m still encountering app crashes and annoying bugs.
It almost crashes on a daily basis, I don’t even consider it to be reliable anymore.

Could you please at least give a short info on whether there’s an update (bug fixes > new features) coming anytime soon?

Don’t take it the wrong way but am I really the only person that can’t believe it?!

I have mixed feelings about this.

I would like to see this product blossom with existing and improved features. It can be very cool to use in concept, provided it works as advertised. I do not believe users should be charged for something that does not live up to claims and for repairs that are Toon Boom’s obligation to users who have already paid them money and not received what they bargained for.

Between Harmony 12, 12.1, 12.1.1, 12.2 and 12.2.1 there were 57 bug fixes. The announced opportunity to purchase Harmony 12 was not presented as a crowd funding enterprise. People were not informed in advance that the product was not going to work as advertised and that fixes would have to be purchased later. (In case a reader does not know, there was no Harmony 13). There are 123 bug fixes listed in the Harmony 14.0 release notes. Those 123 bug fixes should have been available as an update at no additional charge because anyone with the need already paid for the product expecting it would work as advertised.

The absence of a Harmony 14 update is annoying to say the least.

Maybe Toon Boom believes they can completely eliminate interim bug fixes now that people have demonstrated they are willing to pay more money to fix the faulty product they initially invested in while they were lead to believe the product worked as claimed?

The strangest part to me is that there has been no release fix for 14, it’s completely broken. If you add a deformation chain kinematic output and any attachments are completely broken, and so it’s nearly impossible to build any complex rig since you’re restricted to one deformer for the entire part.

I expect later this year there will be a Harmony 14.5 paid update (it will not work with your harmony 14 license) that will fix the bugs and address the quicktime issue.
That is why you haven’t had any interim fixes.

Will work with my subscription though.

Since there hasn’t been a single update for 9 months or so, I expect the next update to be gigantic.
I mean what else are the devs doing in such a long period if not adding features and bug fixes (and not only two or three).

No clue how to deal with it if they prove me wrong. But there’s still hope. Harmony 14 is a mess.

I’ve found there are issues with some buttons/shortcuts not being consistent with each other too and regularly check my downloads for a new version of Harmony. It’s just little things that can cause problems and slow me down.

A few days ago I wrote about trying to create keyframes on nested collapsed layers. I ran into all sorts of trouble animating before I realised my keyframes weren’t being created like I thought they were.

All three of these methods should do the same thing: Insert Keyframe. But one of them acts differently.

  1. If I use the keyboard shortcut F6 it creates a keyframe on selected layer and all nested collapsed layers (like it should).
  2. If I click the ‘Insert keyframe’ button on the timeline toolbar it also works like it should.
  3. Right click and choose ‘Insert Keyframe’. This only creates a keyframe on that particular layer even when nested layers are collapsed. (This is the method I was using before I realised it wasn’t creating keyframes on collapsed layers).

Fingers crossed for an update but I don’t think we’ll get one. There’s been talk of TB releasing a new version of Harmony this year sometime, so I reckon they’ll be focussing on fixing the kinks in that. Fingers crossed though!

You said it.

Concerning major updates, do you think it will have any effect on the pricing?
I’ve been paying monthly for the desktop subscription and it costs me 17$ as a student right now.

Either way, fingers crossed. A minor update with bug fixes would be nice, though a brand new Harmony with new features and other cool stuff would be exciting, too (Retina support cough cough). =)

I know a lot of people are excited for the upgrade talk but I’m extremely depressed over it lol. I paid big bucks over many months to purchase Harmony outright, just before they announced the new subscription model. I would be eligible for the education pricing too and I think $17/monthly is extremely reasonable for Premium. Instead I’m going to have to fork out HUNDREDS if I want to upgrade and get all the new fancy features. I’m tempted to switch to a subscription, but when I think about all that money I paid… sigh

Guess I’ll just wait until I see what’s new and see if it’s worth it.

ps. I love Harmony too. Best decision ever, bugs and all.

Silver and Gold Support subscriptions include major upgrades at no additional cost. The next major will be released within one year. If you signed up today that is all the coming upgrade would cost you.


Yeah that’s true o0Ampy0o… I guess I’ll have to email sales for prices though?

A few years ago I was quoted $800 for a “year of free upgrades and technical support” so I’m hoping the prices have come down a bit since then!

Silver is $295 and Gold $395 but you would need assistance from the sales department because you cannot purchase support plans on your own unless you are doing it in combination with a software purchase.

And they offer discounts from time to time. I was able to get the Silver support plan recently for $265.

lcanau posted a link to a Toon Boom Twitter post promissing to give more information soon about a new Harmony release.


So, are there any plans on updating TB 14 this year?
I’ve been using 14 since it’s release and there hasn’t been a single update since yet.

I’m not saying that this version is unusable, but it’s still buggy here and there.
There are even bugs I already had with TB 12, that apparently haven’t been fixed despite the fact, that TB 14 was highly praised as a huge overhaul (so huge, that 13 was skipped).

I don’t blame developers for a buggy initial release, but it would be nice to see that you guys are actually working on and improving your software by a regular release of bug fixes.

Hi everyone.

Sorry if this post is not really relevant but as fixing bugs in Harmony is mentioned I would like to ask you if you encounter the same problem as I posted a day ago without any answer yet.

Sometimes when I reopen a project my deformation chain won’t show anymore.
Any idea or is it a bug we all encounter at times?

Thank you for your help.

Either, go to View / Deformation / Show Current Deformers…
Or, assign a Shortcut to it (I use Command+F12).