harmony + unity 5 integration -- still need unity pro?

does the release of unity 5 change the necessity for the unity pro license in order to use the intended harmony pipeline? now that unity 5 personal (free) is mostly identical to pro, i’m curious if the usage of plugins follows. from what i understand, plugins are now available to the personal edition as well, but maybe there is still something missing from the personal edition regarding your harmony integration tools?

so just tried to install the harmony game sdk in unity 5 personal edition and this is the result:

Possible incompatibility with Unity 5

This package was published using Unity 4 and contains asset types which may not upgrade cleanly to Unity 5:

  • Compiled assemblies
  • Scripts

While Unity will generally attempt to upgrade assets to work, problems may still occur.For more information about upgrading projects to Unity 5, please refer to the Unity 5.0 Upgrade Guide.

For more information about the compatibility of this specific package, please contact the publisher directly.

so what’s the current status – should this be expected to work in unity 5, or is that not available (perhaps you are going to bring this up, and --hope hope-- unreal support) at your april announcement?

any updates?


We updated the SDK so that it can work with Unity 5.
All the improvements in Unity that were in the Pro edition and not anymore should work too