Harmony UI Scaling - VERY Important

Harmony should have a way to change the scale of the UI…

I’m using a Cintiq Pro 16, which is a 15.5 inch 4k pen tablet, and the icons of the interface are too small. I’ve looked for a solution and the only one people seem to suggest is that I should change the Windows scale and layout to display at 200% in the display settings. This does help with the icons but it’s as if Harmony behaves as though my monitor is 1080p.
This has a negative effect on the way art, especially line-art, is displayed in the program.

It’s hard to explain, so I made a video:


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I wholeheartedly agree, I have a Cintiq 24 Pro and the UI looks like something from 2000. My startup s looking into animation software, and we’re thinking about passing up ToonBoom solely for this reason. We didn’t spend 2k+ dollars on each Cintiq only for them to be able to use 1/4th of their true resolution while working. This is a very, very important next step for ToonBoom as almost all new Cintiqs are or will be 4k in the animation industry. How it hasn’t already been implemented is beyond me.

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Hello RalekArts,

We appreciate the feedback and I will be logging this request with our team and highlighting its importance.

I just wanted to add another vote to this thread. I’m having the exact same problem: Cintiq 24" 4k pen tablet where the interface at 100% scaling is WAY too small for icons, toolbars, etc.

Setting the scaling at 200% causes pixelation to show in my vector lines and text appears lo-res.

I’ve had to find middle ground by setting my display scaling to 150%, which gives me only a little pixelation on my vector drawings, but makes the icons a somewhat more bearable size.

Is there currently NO workaround for this? I even called my company’s help desk, and they were clueless. Is it something to do with the graphics card? HDMI/DisplayPort/USB setup?

For the record I’m working on Windows 10 with a trial version of SBP 7.

Thanks for whatever info you can provide; I’m disappointed to not be using the full resolution of my brand new 4K tablet.

Any movement on this? Any updates you can give?

Hello. I agree. Interface scaling is still a top priority… in 2021

Something like this would be ideal:


Is there any progress / news / workarounds for Mac?

I’ll echo the others. Any update on when this will be addressed? It’s kind of sad that an open source project has it but this premium software does not. It’s also sad that I found this while playing with a trial version to see if I should purchase:

This was almost 6 yrs ago! :frowning: