Harmony Training & Certification

Dear Toonboom

As I’'ve seen on your webpage, you offer on-the-spot training with Harmony on various dates this year, up till november in Montreal.

I’ve got two questions:

1. The Price for training is inclusive one-year license of Harmony Standalone.
- I do already own Harmony Standalone Version 9.2, do I get a reduced price for the 4-Day Training.


What knowledge of Harmony is required, to what extend, to be able to participate?

2. Are there any on-the-spot training options in Europe coming, maybe beginning of next year?

I know, that have been three questions… :wink:

Thank you fo any answer.

Pascal ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ::slight_smile: ;D

best to email support on this one :smiley:

Thank you TheRaider, I’ll do so.