Harmony Server

In past versions of Harmony Server, if you wanted to connect with clients from windows, osx and linux the server had to be running on either osx or linux. It was not possible to run the server on windows and connect from other operating systems. Running server on windows meant all the client machines had to be running windows.
Is it now possible to run Harmony Server on a windows machine and connect clients from osx and linux directly through the network?

This is possible now…

First share the USA_DB folder and the usadata folder from the Windows server.

Every system (Windows and Mac) would need to configure the shortcut.conf file
Found in Toon Boom Harmony 14.0 Premium\resources\samples
to be placed in Toon Boom Harmony 14.0 Premium\etc

On the Windows systems you would configure the file like this:
shortcut_list :
/USA_DB \myHarmonyServer\USA_DB
/usadata000 \myHarmonyServer\usadata000

On Mac/Linux like the same way but replace the backslashes in the lines above ( \ ) with forward slashes (/)
/USA_DB //myHarmonyServer/USA_DB
/usadata000 //myHarmonyServer/usadata000

Mac already has a version of SMB installed but if there is none on the Linux system, you must have it.

Thanks for the reply. With which version of Harmony did this become possible?

This was added in Harmony 12.2