Harmony SDK + Unity 5 (for Windows)

Has anyone else had problems with Harmony SDK for Unity 5 Windows and is there possibly a new version of Harmony SDK under way?

We got Harmony SDK working on Unity 4 and 5 for Macintosh, however there are problems with the Windows version of the SDK, for instance it keeps crashing.

The new version of the Harmony SDK for Unity 5 posted in Unity Asset Store today…

Also, game bones are included in all 3 editions of Harmony FYI.

Wow, that’s a powerful reason to upgrade from Toon Boom Studio.

you have no issues with mac harmony + unity 5? do you know if unity 5 pro is required (i know pro was required for unity 4, but the plugin requirements are different now i believe).

when i attempt to use the existing harmony sdk in unity 5 personal mac, here’s the response i see:


Possible incompatibility with Unity 5

This package was published using Unity 4 and contains asset types which may not upgrade cleanly to Unity 5:

  • Compiled assemblies
  • Scripts

While Unity will generally attempt to upgrade assets to work, problems may still occur.For more information about upgrading projects to Unity 5, please refer to the Unity 5.0 Upgrade Guide.

For more information about the compatibility of this specific package, please contact the publisher directly.


did you see this too?

sorry i know this is a thread about windows support, but thought this would be a useful piece for discussion.

I’m using the Free version.

The reason it’s not possible with version 4 is because you had to have the pro version to get the rights to use C++ Plugins but they removed that restriction with Unity5.

The mac should work too, normally.

I’m sure ToonBoom will probably d osomething about that in the future.

Thank you,

This is good to know, we do indeed work with a converted project. I’ll contact support as soon as possible.

@aduclaux one more thing, are you using free or pro-license version of the Unity 5?

I don’t have errors on Unity 5 but i use Harmony with a fresh project and not a conversion.

You should contact support.