Harmony scripting starting Process

I’m trying to open a command line process on Windows using the Harmony QT scripting. I was following the documentation found here: http://docs.toonboom.com/help/harmony-14/scripting/script/a00048.html

I keep getting this error even with the example code in the class documents provided.
"TypeError: Result of expression ‘Process’[QSProcessStatic(name= “”)] is not a constructor.: line 1

p1 = new Process( “rndr -t file.rib” ); // create process from single string
p2 = new Process( “rndr”, “-t”, “file.rib” ); // create process using separate arguments
// Both commands execute same process
// Launch a new process and detach it from application.
// Application will not be monitored by script module.
p3 = new Process( “rndr -t file.rib” );
// Create a process from a specified PID.
p4 = new Process( 1234 );
// Verify if process is still alive and terminate it
if ( p4.isAlive() )

Hi @RoosterMumm

Did you was able to use the Process class? I’m facing the same issue here.


According to ToonBoom support you need to use “Process2” (Which is not documented) instead of “Process”.

All seems to be working with that.