Harmony running on a Tablet - Does it work?

Anyone ever installed and used Harmony on a tablet, like a Samsung Galaxy Tab or something like that?

How well does it work?

Good post and It’s a good tab. But I am using a https://productz.com/en/lenovo-ideapad-320/p/R1P5p tab. Because This tab is in cheap rate and good features in this.


The only supported drawing tablets are Wacom.

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I mean a palm top Tablet, like an iPad (I know there isn’t a Harmony app in the ios) but some Android based tablets work almost like a pc, some even run windows.
So this is what I mean

You can install Harmony on a tablet computer that runs Windows or macOS. It’s not supported on mobile operating systems, as far as I know, such as Android or iOS. As for the drawing performance, since Wacom is the only hardware supported I wouldn’t risk spending money on such an expensive alternative. I’d suggest test it if you can, but I doubt you will have the same performance as in a computer + Wacom tablet or Wacom tablet computer system.

Yeah. Cintiq + Pc is what I use now and it works great. I was just wondering if there´s any way I can have an “ultra-portable” alternative for when I´m in a plane for example. (I know I could use a laptop and a small wacom tablet, but for a plane seat, this setup still too big.

I suppose the best option - in terms of quality, portability, and being officially supported by Toon Boom - would be a Wacom MobileStudio Pro, a “pen computer”, which is not exactly cheap. I believe the current generation of Wacom products has about two years, so they might be releasing new products soon. Some people mentioned having decent results with the Surface Pro and maybe other non-Wacom machines. For instance: https://forums.toonboom.com/harmony/general-discussion/has-anyone-tried-using-harmony-pro-surface-pro-3

I’ve been researching the Surface Go and Surface Pro. They seem like an option, since it’s shapped like a tablet and almost identical in size to some iPad versions, but they work just like a Pc with windows running in it, so you can install any software, just like a laptop. It would be perfect to use on the go, like on a plane.

I still would like some feedback from someone who actually tried using Harmony on either the Surface Go (about 850 dollars) or the Surface Pro 6 (about 1850 dollars) before I make such an investment.

I do know that with that price, I could get a good laptop that is slightly less portable, but would definetly get the job done with harmony, although having a surface would be a more elegant solution.