Harmony Rig selectors:

I just saw on Instagram this amazing animator/rigger:

and is a rig with icons to select part of the body, is this a new feature in Harmony 14 ??
or I can do it in Harmony 12 Premium too?

how? where? Can I find any tutorial about it?

Attached is a screen capture.


I made a video explaining how to set up various control handles. It can be as simple as using a drawing that shares the peg, and hiding it with a viability node or remove-transparency node.
Or you can go crazy and use a bunch of expressions and scripts to drive various things in various ways.


Using little cartoony icons as controllers is pretty pretty coo00ool.

Might as well have fun while you are at it.

Hey Tracy Animator Generalist,

All of your tutorials are so good!


Thanks rhubix

Wow you have good videos and tips
just what I need