Harmony Rig Demonstration

Hey everyone,

This is a video I took of a rig I built (and am still working on) in Toon Boom Harmony that I thought I’d share with everyone:


(If for some reason the video does not show up on the forum, view the video here

The rig was built using a combination of pegs, deformers, and cutters. Trying to get a “2.5-D” look to it.

Enjoy! And let me know if you have any questions. Shout-out to Lilly for teaching me how to use cutters via her wonderful tutorials!!)

Heya jtnethery,

nice work, may have been better to post it into the ‘Harmony’ forum rather than TB forum… fwiw :stuck_out_tongue:

Aside format that i like the main body deformer you did ( 0:40 ) almost looked 3 dimensional how it moved. Any reason you didn’t have the feet Peg’d into the hierarchy of the leg ?

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Crap, I posted this on the Animate boards didn’t I? Lol old habits die hard I guess lol.

The reason I didn’t have the feet pegged to the leg is because it’s a bit easier for me to plant the feet to the ground that way. Just keep the feet on a separate layer and then only move them when I need to.

Thanks for the shout out!

:33 -:40 is amazing. If I am not mistaken the features rotate around the body as though everything were 3D.

Cannot tell whether this requires tweaking to adjust from full on to narrow profile but the initial tool movement seems to accomplish the bulk of the objective.

A potential problem I see is when bending limbs. In this video the sum of the bent limb exceeds the length of the straight limb. However this really doesn’t have to matter as you can get away with it when the physics of the cartoon world you create allows it. IOW, you can choose to bend limbs anyway you want in your character’s world. It is just something to look out for when it is depicting the reality of our world.

This feature and the grid deformation go a long way towards facilitating the process of adjusting forms…cut-out or frame by frame.

I have yet to make a single animation with TB Studio or the Animate pair of demos other than tests yet I am considering jumping into Harmony. It is all relative at some point but I would just be doing animation as a hobby. I have done fine art and dabbled in many other forms all of my life. Maybe I would venture to make a serious attempt at feature shorts and even strive to compete in contests but I don’t think I would aim to make money with it so it is a pricey investment for me, all things considered.