Harmony Resources now available

We’ve been creating Harmony videos, tips and tricks, templates, and documentation, and it’s now available on the Harmony Hub. Check it out:


~Lilly 8)

Fantastic! Please thank everyone involved in providing this material!

That’s so great! I just finished my first job in 9.2 and used the deformers extensively - that experience and these tutorials are going to make it so much easier to set things up next time. Thanks guys!

Many Thx! :))

Genial, muchas gracias!! ;D

This is awesome! Thank you for this.

Jean :slight_smile:

I just had a few questions about the Deformation videos. While watching the “Optimizing the Skeleton” video, she mentions it being very important to expand the circle (around the articulation point) in the hip area but doesn’t say why it’s important (or maybe I missed it). Can anyone explain?

Also was wondering what everybody thinks about the complete lack of peg use. I’ve gotten myself accustomed to keeping keyframes off drawings at all cost and it seems weird to not have a peg for things like the head, hands, etc. that aren’t using a deformer. Thoughts?

I’m a little skeptical of this technique as far as the arms and legs go, for a few reasons. The technique for smoothing the joints seems imperfect at best, it seems impossible to get a truly round joint for anything beyond a 45 degree bend. Also, I’m not sure I see a way to keep the upper arm behind the body while letting the forearm/hand go in front (which comes up for me pretty regularly). For the project I did using deformers recently, I kept the rig mostly the old way with only the body and a few other things, like eyebrows/hair, with deformation. I could certainly see setting up differently then I did, but I’m not sure I would deform the arms or legs for something like that…

I will say that, as complex a setup as this is, it still seems way less complicated than the “use drawings as pegs” setup in the Animate Pro videos. Thanks again for your hard work TB’ers getting this information to us - what an amazing tool!

I’d like to see a really basic video of how to set up the Deformation from scratch. I have used it…often…but my skill is pretty poor as I still cannot control Curves.

It’s as though I’ve entered halfway into college term but it’s early days. The lessons so far have been vey useful: I just need a basic set up lesson. I went over the first lesson expecting to see the Deformation chain being set up from scratch…

The lessons are well taught. Just need a remedial class.

I had the same question, Chris. If you haven’t already, you should download and take a close look at the rigging on the Deform Bob sample file on the Harmony templates page. It’s interesting to see how they rig the arms, legs, eyes, mouth, and body. I’m learning a lot just by picking it apart.

Thanks Zeb, I’m looking at Deform Bob now and I can see how this could keep a guy exploring for awhile! That network is insane…in a good way. It doesn’t seem built for the kind of arm setup that I’m talking about but it has given me the idea that you could double up your arm layer and apply a cutter module to the one in front (to cut away the upper arm portion).

So for the basic video, I’ll make a Tip of the Week video for that. Next week I’ve planned a video to rig the eyeball, but the week after that I will have a Deform Basics video up there for you guys.

As for why it’s important to expand the circle, the reason is that when you bend an articulation, it uses the size of that circle to kind of cut the drawing and determine how much of the drawing warps. If you have a smaller articulation, then you can get artifacts when you bend the artwork beyond a certain degree.

Regarding using pegs, you can still use pegs on your artwork. When you have a deform, that deform replaces a peg. But when you want to have artwork that doesn’t have a deform on it, then you can still have pegs on those layers.

From what I’ve seen of people who have used it so far, they are using it in a variety of ways but mostly to animate things that have textures on them, or to animate clothing, eyebrows, mouths, hair, that sort of thing. Limbs can be done but as you say there are limitations, and I need to think more carefully about how you would do a reach-behind with a deform arm. It may just be a case of having one arm in front and one arm behind, or some combination of deform rigging with a patch on the shoulder, or something like that. I’ll think about this more.


Thanks for offering to make a basic video for setting up a Deformation rig. I really still need lesson 1: Deformation for Dummies.

I have subscribed to the ToonBoomTips channel with the option of receiving an email for each new upload but am not receiving the email notification. I just now saw the Tip you did on the deformer tools. I guess I’ll just have to take it up with YouTube and see if they can fix this.

Great Tips, by the way, as usual!

I have a very basic intro video on my youtube channel